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Here you can have fun, making your own character, being an original, talking to people, roleplay, and just be random.

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 Danieru Uchiha

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PostSubject: Danieru Uchiha   Danieru Uchiha Icon_minitimeSat Apr 14, 2012 12:28 am

Name: Danieru Uchiha(also carries the Hyuga name but goes by Uchiha mainly)

Age: 19

Blood Type: O Positive

Family: Fuujin Hyuga(Father), Kinata Uchiha(Mother)

Kekkei Genkai: Sharinkugan(it's a combination of the Sharingan and the Byakugan)

Weapon: Flamberge(A flame sword)

Current known Jutsu: Fire Element: Fire Ball(Gokakyuu), Phoenix Flower(Hosenka), Dragon Flame Bombs(Karyuu Enban), Flame Control(He can make a flame trail and have it spike up like Sasuke's Amaterasu, but his fire is still the normal red since he didn't acquire the Mangekyo level yet and as such it is weaker), Fire Clone, Flame Substitution, Mao Engika(Infernal Torrent, it's not a jutsu, but more of a skill he uses in conjunction with his sword) and Rasengan.

Other equipment: Kunai(they're the ones Minato uses), Smoke bombs, Detonating clay(since he doesn't have Deidara's mouth-hands, he takes time before any mission to make these in a pot, but the process takes time so he has to make a lot and he stores the creations in a little container small enough to fit in his pockets, so he can only make a little for each mission), Exploding tags, and Fire bombs.

Appearance(I don't have a picture yet): Spiky black hair with a medium length ponytail in the back, 5'9" tall, 175 lbs, a black jacket with red flames at the bottom with the Hyuga insignia on the left shoulder and the Uchiha insignia on the back, a red short sleeve shirt with fishnets underneath, black cargo pants and regular ninja shoes. He carries his Leaf Hitai-ite with a slash through it around his waist hanging from the right side.

Hobbies: Sword Training, blowing stuff up or burning them

Bio: Born only a few years prior to the attack on the Leaf Village by the 9 tails, he was the first child born between an Uchiha and a Hyuga. He lived a normal life and went to the ninja academy as a kid, he often questioned his parents why the kid called Naruto was so bad because he didn't see anything bad in him. But whenever this question came up, he was simply told that "looks can be decieving" and was told to go to his room. On the night Itachi Uchiha killed the entire Uchiha clan, Danieru was with his parents visiting the Hyuga manor for business concerning Danieru's future. When word had reached the manor that the Uchiha clan had been wiped out, Danieru's parents went to investigate. They left Danieru in the care of Hiashi, and when they arrived at the Uchiha Grounds, Itachi Uchiha spotted them as he walked out of another house. He said nothing, and struck them down with his blade, killing them mercilessly. When word of what happened reached the Hyuga Manor, Danieru was there and heard everything. He screamed in agony and cried so much that he passed out. It wasn't too long after the events passed and Danieru was made a member of the Branch family. A decade had passed, and all his life Danieru had been seen as a reject, for it had only been a year after his parents deaths that he had discovered his kekkei genkai: The Sharinkugan. His eyes showed the normal outer circle and dots of an Uchiha's blood, but his eyes were white and he sprouted veins outside of his eyes just like a Hyuga. He had been called so many things by almost all the Hyugas, save for Hinata Hyuga, Danieru's childhood and impossible crush. The names he had been called amounted to things like Half-breed, freakshow, among many others. One day, he had decided enough was enough. He secretly packed up his things and left the Leaf Village. Once he had thought he got away, two Chuunins showed up in front of him, demanding he turn around. Danieru declined, saying that he was sick of everything, he was always getting missions that held him inside the village, and he barely got money at all when payed. The two chuunin attacked him, and Danieru had defeated them. His own kindness prevented him from taking their lives at that moment, however. After that, he continued on, making his way to one of the Akatsuki's hideouts, and he now hopes to join them, but before making his presence known, he takes his Headband, and pulls out a Kunai and slashed it across the middle. After doing that, he flares his chakra up to an insane level to make even non-sensors capable of noticing him. He only hoped his power was worthy in the eyes of the Akatsuki.
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PostSubject: Re: Danieru Uchiha   Danieru Uchiha Icon_minitimeMon Apr 23, 2012 10:39 am

I miss you guys... Sad
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Danieru Uchiha
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